Saturday, 2 July 2016

Falooda | Drink or Desert

Falooda is a popular sweet and cold drink from South Asia. It is made up of many ingredients such as rose syrup, vermicelli, basil seeds, jelly, fruits, nuts along with milk, ice-cream or kulfi. Traditionally, falooda is flavored with rose syrup, but it may be customized as per your taste with other flavors like saffron and cardamom.

Typical falooda has mix fruits but it can be made with one specific flavor fruit i.e. mango, strawberry, banana. Falooda noodles are special type of vermicelli made of arrowroot called used for the drink. but these are difficult to make at home so store bought are best and continent. If not available at super market you can substitute these noodles with plain rice noodles or unflavored egg noodles which are easily available. The falooda can be served as both drink or desert. Enjoy..!

Thursday, 24 September 2015


Chicken popcorns is an amazing delicious recipe. I feel like everything is the form of nuggets is good. These are no exception. Chicken frying makes them really crispy, but the inside still stays juicy and yummy, great combination with Honey Mustard Dip..yum..!

Enjoy ...!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Aalo Zeera | Roasted Potato Cumin

Aalo Zeera is sot and light snack. Its very easy to make and can be served as side dish, appetizer or evening tea snack.

You can serve it with dhal and chapatti as side dish.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Chicken Cheesy Corn Mini Samosa

Samosa is probably one of the most popular appetizer or snack in Pakistan. It is a classic Pakistani street food traditionally filled with lamb mince, but there are many vegetarian variations as well. It can be deep fried or baked pastry with a savory filling, such as spiced potatoes, peas, onions, ground lamb, ground chicken or mixture of more then one ingredient. The size, shape and consistency may vary, but typically, they are distinctly triangular. Samosas are served hot with mint chutney, green chutney or sweet chutney or tomato ketchup.

I have already shared a recipe of Chicken Potato Samosas with a dough and stuffing recipe.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Cheese Stuffed Rice Balls

Rice balls are not very common snack found on Pakistan's family food table but these are very crispy, tasty and good party snack which can be prepared for iftar as well, specially if you have left over rice go for this snack and nobody will know the one day old rice can be so fancy and tempting.
Recipe is not mine, I have shared the recipe which I followed and it was good to try these.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Chicken Crème Fraîche Mini Pie | Chicken Empanadas

As the Ramadan is in summer season, a lot of people opt for easy to cook scanks for iftar. The recipe below is very easy, tasty and very different recipe from usual samosa, pakoras and other basin products. It is inspired from Poulet de citron Crème Fraîche a very taste creamy saucy chicken recipe, watched the recipe on BBC Food. I took that recipe and filled that in pie crust to make innovative fried empanadas or you can call them mini pies.
My whole family loved the flavor and crispy crusty snack for iftar. The fact is you will only need 2 main ingredients for the stuffing and dough is as simple as smile  you can make these pie ahead of time and refrigerate for days to enjoy latter at iftar.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Tarka Daal

Tasty and filling, dal makes a cheap, healthy and satisfying meal from home stored ingredients.
Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!